The CDM Offers great exhibits year-round!

The Children's Discovery Museum offers museum goers a blend of permanent and changing educational exhibits. 

  • Dino Play Area

    This hands on exhibit lets you excavate your own dinosaurs! This exhibit is only offered during select supervised times. Please call museum to see if available on your selected date.

  • Treesa, The Talking Tree

    Push her button and Treesa will tell you all about the forest.

  • River Water Table

    Get up close and see a replica of a dam on the Mississippi River. Young engineers learn a few fundamentals of hydro-physics as they control the flow of the water through the dam and observe its effects on boats traveling the river.

  • Lake Life

    A large area of the museum was transformed into one of Itasca County's 1000 lakes and features a log cabin, fishing boat, dock, swampland obstacle course, and an elevated "yurt" with a slide. There is also a child-sized theater with a stage curtain for dramatic presentations. Science content includes life cycles, invasive species that threaten our lakes, food chains, water quality, and identification of fish species.

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    Wild Animal Exhibit

    Mounts of game birds and animals from North America and Africa make a popular display for young visitors to the museum. There are over forty creatures displayed and many are full body mounts! We have a lion, deer, bear, crocodile, and much more!


    Discover the joy of creating original works of art or cleverly designed contraptions. Over 2000 wooden blocks will help children stimulate the imagination, develop creative problem solving,and teach balance and geometry. People of all ages from toddler- adults are captivated by the open-ended possibilities of KEVA constructions.


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    Art Room / Lunchroom

    The 2,000 square foot Art Room offers several creative activities for families as well as visiting school groups. Snacks or bag lunches can be eaten in this area. Call ahead to see if the room is available.

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    Enter a child-sized town where children bring the village to life with imaginative play. They can pretend to be doctors, musicians, firefighters, mail carriers, train engineers, construction workers, florists, and bakers. Children can also enjoy caring for babies, shopping for groceries, or working in a snack bar.

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    Faith Wick's Fairyland

    Internationally acclaimed doll maker Faith Wick has donated 200 of her hand-crafted storybook and nursery rhyme creations for display. They are beautifully arranged in detailed dioramas. Kids can complete a scavenger hunt by searching the scenes  and answering the questions.

  • Tot Park

    Made to look like a hedge maze, this activity will appeal to the youngest visitors to the museum. They can practice the alphabet as they travel from letter to letter in the maze. An open area at the front with toddler toys is perfect for tiny tots.

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    Life size replicas of a Triceratops and a   T-Rex skull are hands on exhibits. Kids can also compare their foot to that of a T-Rex. Can you look at their teeth and figure out which one is a meat-eater?

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    Interactive Learning Tools

    The museum has a large interactive map of the United States. Children add state capitals by attaching them with velcro to the correct state. We also have a similar activity featuring the bones of the body.

  • Gallery

    The gallery includes the carriage used in the movie, "The Wizard of Oz". President Abraham Lincoln was the original owner of the carriage before it was sold to MGM studios.

  • House Tours

    Step back in time to the 1920's and explore Judy Garland's childhood home. Compare how household tasks were performed then and now. See an old-fashioned icebox, ringer-washer, crank phonograph, phone without numbers, treadle sewing machine, a typewriter, and much more.

  • Museum Store

    If you're looking for unique gifts or just a keepsake of your visit to the museum, you'll find it in our gift shop.  CDM's store offers interesting and educational items that reflect the various exhibits and capture the imaginations of children. Museum members receive a 15% discount.