The CDM Offers great exhibits year-round!

The Children's Discovery Museum offers museum goers a blend of permanent and changing educational exhibits.  All exhibits are open during museum hours.

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    Dino Dig

    We will have your class excavate the bones of a large beast from the "Dino-Dig" and create fossils of their own while learning all about dinosaurs.  We will provide all of the materials for the fossil activity and have the bones buried prior to your arrival, so they are ready to be uncovered by students.

  • River Forest

    Children can learn about wildlife and the outdoor experience through the multi-sensory experience that is made up of the plants, trees, and other wildlife native to Northern Minnesota.

  • River Water Table

    Get up close and see a replica of the dam and river visible from the bridge on Pokegema Avenue.  Young engineers watch the lights in the hydroelectric plant get brighter as they increase the flow of water through the dam.  Down river from the dam, children observe the effects of river currents as they operate wing dams.  Of course, boats, logs, and other floating materials are provided to entertain children as they learn a few fundamentals of hydro-physics.

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    Developed my the Minnesota Children's Museum, this interactive exhibit introduces children to the geography of North America.  A giant table map of the United States takes children around the country where they stop at various "cities" and explore the landmarks of each region.

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    Art Room

    This 2,000 square foot Art Room offers several creative activities for visiting school groups, as well as walk-ins.  Learn more about the Art Room.

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    Enter a child-sized town square complete with several shops.  Watch children bring the village to life as they shop, become merchants, and meet the neighbors.  Rivertown includes: The Little Grocery Store, Grandma's Attic, the Music Shop, and Molly's Day Care. 

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    Faith Wick's Fairyland

    Internationally acclaimed doll maker Faith Wick has donated 200 of her hand-crafted creations to the CDM for display.

  • Tot Park

    Made to look like a hedge maze, this exhibit will excite the young as they meander through passageways and stop to try out many of the different interactive stations located within the maze.  An open area at the front acts as an ideal play area, with its padded floor and soft toys.  Parents are welcome to play, too.

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    Due to overwhelming praise from teachers whose classes enjoyed their "Dinostories," we are keeping the skull mounts as part of our permanent collection.  We will continue to provide the ever popular dinosaur program for visiting schools.

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    Interactive Learning Tools

    The museum has a large interactive map of the United States, with each state's capitol able to be Velcro-ed in place.  This map teaches kids about our own country, helping them learn the capitols through this hands-on activity.  The Children's Discovery Museum also has an exhibit featuring all the presidents of the United States.

  • Museum Store

    If you're looking for unique gifts or just a keepsake of your visit to the museum, you'll find it in our gift shop.  CDM's store offers interesting and educational items that reflect the various exhibits and capture the imaginations of children.  Don't forget to check out our toys, puzzles, books, and games!  Museum members receive a 10% discount.